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Another Example of Why You Can’t Trust Government to Protect You

January 26, 2010 1 comment

At Mellon’s Musings, though only touched upon briefly, we have long been aware of the threat of Islam.  Islamists have been waging a war both ideological and physical on our soil and on the West generally for decades, bolstered (even by ostensible defenders of liberty) by political correctness and the complacence of our government and citizenry.  For all the problems our nation faces, in reality this is our most serious because it is existential.  The struggles of a nation in economic malaise are nothing compared with those of a nation under attack by an apparently stronger-willed and better-prepared enemy, composed of people who gleefully blow themselves up in their barbaric cause.

In this context, I found the below two videos showing the outright complicity of our defense in fostering terrorism on our own soil (yes you read that right) to be quite chilling and exemplary of the monumental challenges we face going forward.  If nothing else, this should serve as a reminder to all across the political spectrum that in the final analysis you cannot trust your government to protect you on any level.  This is why the most important thing that we as individuals can do is take the necessary measures to arm and protect ourselves, be it through education, the ballot box or G-d forbid our Constitutional right to bear arms.  Right now, as a nation we are woefully unprepared to deal with an enemy willing to sacrifice its own people to dictate the lives of ours.