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Another Example of Why You Can’t Trust Government to Protect You

January 26, 2010 1 comment

At Mellon’s Musings, though only touched upon briefly, we have long been aware of the threat of Islam.  Islamists have been waging a war both ideological and physical on our soil and on the West generally for decades, bolstered (even by ostensible defenders of liberty) by political correctness and the complacence of our government and citizenry.  For all the problems our nation faces, in reality this is our most serious because it is existential.  The struggles of a nation in economic malaise are nothing compared with those of a nation under attack by an apparently stronger-willed and better-prepared enemy, composed of people who gleefully blow themselves up in their barbaric cause.

In this context, I found the below two videos showing the outright complicity of our defense in fostering terrorism on our own soil (yes you read that right) to be quite chilling and exemplary of the monumental challenges we face going forward.  If nothing else, this should serve as a reminder to all across the political spectrum that in the final analysis you cannot trust your government to protect you on any level.  This is why the most important thing that we as individuals can do is take the necessary measures to arm and protect ourselves, be it through education, the ballot box or G-d forbid our Constitutional right to bear arms.  Right now, as a nation we are woefully unprepared to deal with an enemy willing to sacrifice its own people to dictate the lives of ours.


Robert Spencer Gets Attacked…by American Citizens

November 18, 2009 6 comments

This evening at NYU I witnessed an act which was both disturbing and appalling. Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, an erudite scholar on Islam and patriotic defender of our freedom was giving a talk on the ever-growing threat to the West of Islamists. In the midst of describing the ends of Jihad as promulgated by one of the foremost radical Islamic scholars of the 1970s, a grungy looking fellow stood up and yelled at Spencer “Should we just go bomb all the Muslims!?” and attacking him with other vitriolic and hysterical words. In creating this diversion, a couple members of the audience ran up and threw pies at Mr. Spencer and another panelist. The campus authorities quickly intervened, and as the officers dragged the cowards away from the stage, another (presumably accomplice) student filmed the the officers on his phone. Luckily, Spencer and his fellow panelist Elan Journo ended up largely unscathed.

This whole scene characterizes where we are in America today. A man gets attacked for merely repeating the words of a Muslim radical. Worse, American students are planted in auditoriums all across this country ready to quash any free speech that is not to their liking. This is especially dangerous when it comes to matters of Islam, because as Spencer later argued in his speech, by not allowing criticism of the religion, and worse censoring free speech, we are elevating Islam above our own culture. This plays right into the hands of the people who wish to impose Sharia law over us. How ironic that the leftists in this country are the useful idiots for a Jihad movement that wishes to crush all tolerance. Finally of course, it is most likely the police who will be in trouble because of a video probably bound for YouTube as we speak which will show the officers violently hauling out the innocent and naive college hippies.

Most disheartening is the fact that it is people like Spencer who are literally risking their lives to try to wake Americans up to the grave fact that our enemies both abroad and within are getting stronger, and that it is our own politically correct culture which is allowing them to do so both through violent and democratic means. Where do we stand as a nation when we have to be afraid to merely shed light on the beliefs of our enemies? Where do we stand as a nation when our own people quell free speech? Where do we stand as a nation when we cannot criticize an ideology that has been used to justify the killing of 3,000 innocents on our soil, and countless other innocents abroad? We are headed down a suicidal path if the lovers of liberty do not stand up and fight.