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On the Memory of Daniel Pearl

February 3, 2009 1 comment

This is a must-read article on the aftermath of the brutal murder of Daniel Pearl, from the WSJ.

For those who have died innocently at the hands of Islam, the times we are living in truly are soiling their memories. Mr. Pearl’s piece should serve as an example of the struggle that all lovers of liberty and humanity should take up against oppressors worldwide. His main argument that the media and academia have inverted morality and common sense in justifying terrorist attacks and specifically the brutal actions of Palestinians against the Israelis is absolutely correct.

Giving these people legitimacy is appalling and outrageous. Everyone needs to wake up and realize that the Muslim world (or at the very least its radical elements and supporters, of which even 10% would be incredibly dangerous), even through democratic means in Europe are fighting a crusade against all that we view as just and right in the west.

On the one hand, we have a people willing to blow themselves up for their cause; on the other, we have a people that are apologetic and conciliatory. Think about the difference in dedication to principles, and then you start to see the grave threat posed to our way of life.