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Jihadis on Parade at Columbia

More updates to come and a full writeup shortly…too demoralized and distraught at this point…all you need to know is that Israel is a racist, oppressive colonizer, exploiting the innocent and peace-loving Palestinians.

Update 1:

The Modern Day Ivy League Campus

Homer, Herodotus, Sophocles, Plato, Aristotle, Demosthenes, Cicero, Virgil...Arafat!?

Fancy Artwork

Lecturing on Apartheid

Wall Propaganda

Friendly Propagandist 1

Friendly Propagandist 2

From the Center of Campus

Pro-Israel Response 1

Pro-Israel Response 2

Pro-Israel Response 3

As is indicative of the difference in message and mentality between the pro-Palestinians and the pro-Israelis, while the pro-Palestinians are hosting Israeli Apartheid week, their opposition in response is hosting Israel Peace Week.  Below are my amateurish photos of the literature from each side:

Palestinian Agenda

Israeli Agenda

Palestinians on the Wall

Israelis on the Wall

“Members of the Columbia chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine,” wrote the following on Israeli Apartheid Week in Columbia’s school newspaper the Spectator on Feb. 28th:

How has Israel, 62 years after its birth, found itself in this reality? According to the Palestine Chronicle, the answer is found in three systems of oppression: (1) The prolonged occupation and colonization of Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem; (2) The system of racial discrimination against Palestinian citizens of Israel; and (3) the persistent denial of the U.N.-sanctioned rights of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland.

Despite the Obama administration’s efforts to halt colonization in the West Bank with “no exceptions,” Israel continues to build without restriction and cuts off Palestinian cities and families from each other, particularly in East Jerusalem. Approximately 24,145 Palestinian homes have been destroyed. In addition, hundreds of Israeli checkpoints strangle movement, nonviolent protesters languish in Israeli prisons without charge, and access to water, education, electricity, and other basic necessities is greatly restricted.

Prospects for just negotiations are almost nonexistent. Fortunately, an international grassroots movement committed to drawing attention to Israel’s apartheid practices has gained traction. This week, people around the world will participate in the 6th Annual Israeli Apartheid Week and call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel.

On campus, currently students are constructing an apartheid wall in solidarity with the Palestinians.  Beautiful.

But what would you expect from a school that legitimized Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by giving him a platform on which to speak, had (and surely still has) a MEALAC Department full of anti-Semites and revered (and surely still reveres) professors like Rashid Khalidi and Edward Said.

When the history is written about the Nazis being allowed to reemerge under the guise of free speech and tolerance a mere 70 years after the Holocaust, you have to wonder what people will think.

Note that SDS and the International Socialist Organization sponsor the event

One of the events at Columbia during the disgusting “Israeli Apartheid Week” features neo-Nazi writer Ben White, who is properly skewered by Pamela over at Atlas Shrugs.

Check back here for updates as I will be posting pictures and more on the goings-on at Columbia including tonight’s explosive (hopefully not literally) event.

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