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Liberal Ivy League Rant

Since today almost the entire premise of a 25-page paper I was writing for my Terrorism and Counterterrorism class was shot down, forcing me to water down my arguments and “moderate” the paper to meet my professor’s liberal views, I thought it worthy to note some of the ridiculous signs of enraging liberalism on the Columbia campus in my time here:

  • the use of free speech to justify INVITING Iranian Prime Minister Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to come to Columbia
  • the fact that a sizeable portion of students clapped during Ahmadinejad’s speech
  • the physical attack of the Minutemen by Columbia students during a speech
  • the use of posters stating that “there are over 60,000 GLTB members of the navy” to advocate on-campus NROTC
  • my Frontiers of Science teacher bringing in a member of the Peace Corps to come speak to our class and urge us to join
  • the fact that one of the students in this class was laughed at and berated when it was found out that he was a Creationist
  • the argument that humans are not intellectually superior to animals even though humans have the ability to reason made in my Contemporary Civilization class
  • the argument in my Terrorism and Counterterrorism class that in America it is no longer possible for people to grow up in a poor family and reach prosperity
  • the argument purveyed every 4th Thursday of November that Thanksgiving is a racist holiday; same thing on Columbus Day too
  • the constant personal attacks in nearly all of my classes (political and apolitical) on George W. Bush’s personal character (I have a problem with many of his policies too, but this is no reason to attack the man as a human being)
  • every single Obama pin on this campus (this just bothers me…not anything particularly wrong with it though)

The university purports to promote diversity of thought and expression. However, as I have seen time and time again in my classes, if you hold a viewpoint different from the mainstream (see radical left) on campus, you are constantly under attack, and thus have to fear speaking up. Sadly, liberals do not extend the tolerance and consideration to others that they so staunchly advocate amongst themselves.

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